CTC provides 63 Amp three-phase power dual power input and automatic switching system in case of power failure, 150 amp UPS power supply. All truck are equipped with a backup air-conditioning system. The 11-meter-long truck provides 185 square feet (17m²) of mobile production space. There are three compartments for engineering, production and sound with Soundproofed, can be equipped with 12 cameras, 32-channel video switcher, 8-channel EVS live recording channel, dual-channel Xpression CG, and YAMAHA 48-channel audio mixer, 24 + 16 video source multiview monitor wall.


When producing large-scale events with special requirements, we will use OB trucks as the center, and use the surrounding containers to expand the broadcast system, and let the live virtual cam system. Unilateral production teams, multi-language commentary, swiss timing system and other production units have more room for production.