This is a real-time media network solution based on optical fiber transmission, integrating video, audio and data routers into this century. It is a very powerful tool for AV production.

In production we widely use MediorNet Compact in the system. It integrates signal processing signals with simple point-to-point multiplexing, providing the flexibility of a true real-time media network. MediorNet Compact has a network bandwidth of 50 Gbit / s, can transport 24 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or GBit-Ethernet signals, and hundreds of audio channels or internal communication ports to provide sufficient capacity.

We use MicroN as a means of network expansion, which is a high-density signal interface with a complete array of audio, video, and data I /Os . It can be a simple point-to-point link or some large decentralized routers, or it can be used as a bridge between a MultiViewer or MediorNet network and an IP network. And allows the configuration of a redundant meshed media networks.

We use a large MetroN core router for real-time signal routing in a networked approach and provide non-blocking switching. MetroN provides robust video router functionality with switching delays of l<40ms as well as high-speed re-routing that allows as many as 1,000 connections to be re-routed in less than a second.

Users can easily send any input signal to any output, even to multiple outputs with a single click of the mouse. When the video system changes, there is no need for wiring, which increases the flexibility of any installation, while significantly reducing wiring and setup time. The integrated broadcast quality processing and conversion function reduces or eliminates the need for external equipment, which can effectively shorten the setup time and manpower of the project.

We use RockNet as a versatile digital audio network solution for live sound applications. Its real-time low-latency audio distribution network can conveys up to 160 24 bit/48 kHz audio channels counter- rotating on a single CAT5 cable.  The network interface of each device has two interconnections for fail-safe transmission of audio signals on the CAT5 infrastructure. Based on a redundant ring topology, RockNet forms a self-healing network with no loss of audio in case of a connection fault between two devices.

Through the application of these equipments, we can provide reliable and flexible services to our customers.