Entertainment Project

The performing arts and entertainment activities that CTC participates in are mainly music-related activities.

Concerts are the majority of the project. There are also operas, stage shows, awards ceremonies and beauty pageants. Most of the events are held in Hong Kong, and there are also tours in cities around China.

Music and Concert

The concert project covers singers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, including personal concerts, charity concerts, music festivals, etc. We also participated in Hong Kong singers’ Concert tour in China, covering seven cities in the Mainland China.

Buddhist music events have also been actively organized in recent years and their performing techniques are also different from traditional ones.

In addition to on-site shooting, our services also provide post-production services for some singers’ Concert, including editing, karaoke subtitles, DVD and Blu-ray mastering.

It is worth mentioning that we also provide live satellite live broadcast services for concerts in different locations, such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore and other places.

Buddhist Compassion Soul Time Concert

40th MCU Anniversary Charity Gala

HKFTU 70th Anniversary Theatrical Gala

DDMHK10th Anniversary ThusiDo Concert

Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival 2019

DDMHK Singing Bowl Music Performance

KBS Music Bank World Tour in Hong Kong 2019

Naomi Amuro Finally Live in Shenzhen 2018

Sau Gor Concert 2018

Lisa Wong Concert 2017

Hong Kong Youth Music Festival 2017

Langgalamu Concert 2017

Joe Mok Concert 2017

E Kids Concert 2017

Joey Yung Hacken Lee World Tour Concert 2017 Zhanjian

Jason Chan Music Show 2016

Jolin World Tour Concert 2015 Zhejiang

Joe Mok Concert 2016

Daniel Lo Concert 2016

Dr. Joseph Koo The Gold Bauhinia Charity Concert In Hong Kong 2016

Leo Ku World Tour 2015 Zhongshan

Jordan Chan World Tour 2016 Chongqing

NEX7 World Tour 2019 Hong Kong

Award and Pageant

Golden song award ceremony, movie award ceremony, charity award ceremony and beauty pageant are also our service targets.

Especially for beauty pageants, we participated in the production of Phoenix Satellite TV Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant for five consecutive years, providing shooting services and satellite transmission for the event.

2010 Miss Chinese International Pageant Final TVB live at Tianjin

2010 MAMA : Mnet Asia Music Award – at Macau Venetian

2012 MAMA : Mnet Asia Music Award – Satellite Transmission

2013 MAMA : Mnet Asia Music Award – at Asia-World EXPO HK

2013-17 Miss Chinese International Pageant 2013-17

The 20th Huading Awards

41st Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs

41st Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award Concert

We like HK Charity Show 2017

We like HK Charity Show 2017

Chinese Opera and Musical

For Chinese opera , we provide one-stop production services from pre-production on site shooting to post-production editing, karaoke subtitles, and DVD and Blu-ray mastering.


Sabrina Lee The Legend of Purple Hairpin Full Version

Miling Tang Chinese Opera 2017

Sabrina Lee The Peony Pavilion Chinese Opera 2017

Kwok Fung Lui 45th Anniversary Chinese Opera 2017

Princess Chang Ping 2019

HKSAS 60th Anniversary Commemorative Drama 2017